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Optically Clear Polyurethane LED Potting Compound

Specialist LED resin designed to offer the LED and PCB environmental protection while maintaining optical clarity and colour even after prolonged UV exposure.

Product Codes

UR5634C50ML - 50ml Cartridge (Two Part)
UR5634RP250G - 250G Resin Pack
UR5634K5K - 5kg Kit

Product Description

UR5634 optically clear polyurethane LED potting compound is a two-part, semi-rigid polyurethane resin. Formulated with a carefully selected blend of components specifically to be optically clear, making it ideal for LED encapsulation or potting. Its clarity makes it an excellent choice for use in both decorative and protective applications in the LED luminaires industry.

It exhibits superb weather resistance, as well as good resistance to acids and alkalis making it suitable for a wide range of environments and an extremely durable potting and encapsulation compound for use in a wide range of applications.

It is also strongly resistant to yellowing when exposed to UV light making it especially useful as an outdoor LED encapsulant or for use in other applications where it may be exposed to direct sunlight.

UR5634 has a simple mix ratio of 1:1 for ease of processing with a low viscosity aiding application.

LEDs potted with UR5634 Optically Clear Polyurethane LED Potting Compound
Cool and Warm LEDs potted with UR5634 Optically Clear Polyurethane LED Potting Compound

Hazy / Light Diffusing variant available : UR5635

For Larger units, we would usually recommend UR5638 due to its lower exothermic values.

For more information please refer to the TDS, our technical support team are also on hand to discuss your application requirements further.

Key properties

  • Extremely durable, low viscosity system
  • Can be used for a wide variety of applications
  • Optically clear / transparent; ideal for LED encapsulation
  • 1:1 by volume mix ratio; aids ease of processing
  • Does not contain IPDI; low hazard material
  • High resistance to weather/UV, acids and alkalis, water and mould growth
  • RoHS Compliant