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The global LED industry is booming, as individuals, companies and governments switch to these more efficient eco-friendly lighting solutions. As the LED industry rapidly expands and offers a huge variety of LED lighting options, the demand for protecting this lighting is also rising.

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LED Protection Solutions

As the LED Luminaire Industry expands, LEDs are being used in ever more challenging environments and thus need adequate protection from exposure in a vast variety of environments. In addition to casing and covers, many LED manufacturers are choosing to encapsulate or coat the LED – or even to pot the entire unit in order to protect the luminaires.

Thermal management is also a vital consideration for an LED. With a single degree centigrade of heat having such a large effect on the colour, efficiency and the lifetime of an LED Luminaire, the thermal interface material chosen for the LED design is of vital importance.

Electrolube have a specialist LED brochure providing comparisons and test data to help you chose the right product for your application; this includes a wealth of useful information such as collaborative test data from Bridgelux comparing data on Conformal Coatings vs Encapsulation resins, Absolute Colour Change (∆E*ab) following 1000 hours UV Exposure, the difference potting depth makes and general product comparisons to help you make the right choice.

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If you have any questions our dedicated technical support team are also on hand to answer your questions and we also have a wealth of information available in our Technical Articles and Blogs section:

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Electrolube has been at the forefront of the LED boom, supplying specialist solutions to the world’s best known LED manufacturers. Electrolube materials work to protect components and prolong the life of LED units and their associated components such as drivers.

Electrolube's extensive range of specialist products developed specifically for the LED industry include conformal coatings, encapsulation resins and thermal management materials.

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Street light application
External LED street lighting application. LEDs were protected by lens and casing but moisture was still getting in and affecting the PCB causing corrosion.


AFA provided as an alternative to a resin to coat the entire PCB and Luminaire including the lens. Optical clarity maintained while the coating provided moisture protection.


Automotive Lighting

External lighting on a commercial vehicle required protection from chemicals, salt mist and other external factors due to its exposure to road conditions.


UR5634 was selected due to its optical clarity, maintaining the colour of the LED after prolonged exposure while offering the protection required in the harsh conditions.


Optically Clear Polyurethane LED Potting Compound



Underwater Swimming Pool Light
LED spotlights installed under swimming pools required thermal management material that would dissipate heat out to the casing.


ER2074 was selected as a highly thermally conductive resin that acted both as a thermal management material, whilst also protecting the PCB from possible chemical or moisture ingress due to being under the swimming pool. ER2074 also has a white finish which was preferable for aesthetic reasons.


Thermally Conductive Epoxy Resin



Commercial vehicle lights
Competitor product was proving hard to apply and not performing to expected standards.


HTSP was selected providing significant performance improvement vs the current material as well as offering an improved application process to streamline production.


Silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus


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If our range does not quite meet what you are looking for, our technical support and research and development teams will work with you to solve your chemical problem and supply the perfect solution.

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Electrolube have been developing solutions to advance engineering and enhance technological performance, since 1941. With our expansive range of products and a commitment to push the boundaries, there is no end to the applications of electrochemical solutions. The case studies below are just a few examples of our experience of working with companies to provide solutions to their LED-related issues.