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Polyurethane Conformal Coating

PUC is a clear amber modified Polyurethane Conformal Coating, specifically designed for the protection of electronic circuitry.

Product Codes

PUC400 - 400ml Aerosol
PUC05L - 5L Bulk

Product Description

PUC polyurethane conformal coating is a clear amber modified polyurethane specifically designed for the protection of electronic circuitry. It is a toughand abrasive resistant coating which has excellent mechanical and dielectric properties while maintaining flexibility to protect delicate components.

PUC polyurethane conformal coating can be sprayed, dipped or brushed. The thickness of the coating depends on the method of application (typically 25-75 microns). Temperatures of less than 16°C or relative humidity in excess of 75% are unsuitable for the application of PUC. As is the case for all solvent based conformal coatings, adequate extraction should be used (refer to SDS for further information) For full product details including test results please refer to the TDS. If you still require further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Key properties

  • Excellent abrasion resistance and mechanical strength
  • Excellent adhesion under all climatic conditions
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents
  • UV trace to aid inspection
  • High level of flexibility, even at low temperatures
  • Resistant to mould growth
  • MIL-1-46058
  • IPC-CC-830
  • DEF-STAN 59/47
  • RoHS Compliant