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Electrolube Asia Announce New CEO Appointment

Electrolube, the global manufacturer of high performance electro-chemicals, has announced the appointment of Sharon Zhang to the Board of Directors of HKW Beijing. Ms Zhang, previously the General Manager of HKW Beijing, will uphold her new title as Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the Asian operation, with immediate effect.

The appointment complements Electrolube’s strategic objectives to expand its investment in people at a time of considerable growth within the company. Ms Zhang has been actively involved in developing the Chinese and Asian customer bases at HKW Beijing. As part of her new role as CEO and Vice President, Ms Zhang will be responsible for actively maintaining these customer relationships, driving sales to develop the customer base further and increasing the company’s market share in the sale of Conformal Coatings, Thermal Management Solutions, Encapsulation Resins, Contact Lubricants, Cleaning solutions and Service and Maintenance Aids.

Ron Jakeman, Electrolube’s Managing Director, comments, “Sharon has been vital to the growth of Electrolube’s Asian operation over the last 17 years. She has been instrumental in developing the Beijing-based manufacturing facility from its inception in 2002 and has also steered the successful development of our new state-of-the-art R&D facility in Suzhou. More recently, Sharon has managed the relocation process to a new factory in Zhuji, which has been newly commissioned. As a people and customer centred individual with a strong history of creating highly engaged teams, Sharon has successfully secured high levels of domestic business and has the experience to help take Electrolube in China and the surrounding territories to the next level of growth and development. We wish Sharon every success in her new role as CEO and Vice President of Asia.”

Commenting on her new appointment, Sharon Zhang said, “Since joining HKW Beijing in 2002, I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, especially the provision of innovative electronics protection solutions for the Asian market and close collaboration with customers. Electrolube in China has undergone substantial growth and we are proud to offer a reliable manufacturing resource for customers. I am delighted to join the Board of Directors at HKW Beijing and begin my new role as CEO and Vice President of the Asian operation. I hope to make even more of an impact at a very vibrant time in the company’s growth.”