Corporate Social Responsibility

Electrolube recognises the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and has links with charities in different parts of the world as part of their programme.

UK – Barnardo’s

Ashby School
In the UK Barnardo’s are Electrolube’s chosen charity. Barnardo’s works with over 110,000 children, young people and their families in more than 383 projects across the country. This includes work with children affected by today’s most urgent issues: poverty, homelessness, disability, bereavement and abuse.

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Registered Charity Numbers: 216250 and SC037605

Germany – Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk

Ashby School
In Germany we are supporting Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk (Children’s Charity of Germany). This charity fights for the rights of children to give them equal opportunities and are tackling child poverty in Germany through a number of activities.

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The National Forest

Ashby School
Also the Electrolube headquarters are in Leicestershire, England just inside The National Forest. Electrolube is supporting the forest in helping to reduce atmospheric carbon. Carbon is taken out of the atmosphere by trees as they photosynthesise. Planting trees and shrubs helps to offset the effects of pollution and more carbon is locked into a tree structure as it grows.

The National Forest is making a significant contribution to offsetting carbon emissions. It represents a physical demonstration and fulfills a number of objectives including environmental benefits, landscape and the enhancement of resources and boosting the rural economy.

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Ashby School

Ashby School
Founded in 1567, Ashby School remains at the forefront of educational progress. The school is a Specialist Technology and Language College and provides students with outstanding opportunities and facilities in both of these subject areas. Students also achieve impressive results in subjects across the curriculum.

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